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There are plenty of quite good application download solutions that are present on Android smartphones. Android app allows the user to play games and install useful applications on the Android device.

The specs of your Android allows you to download any data from an online source, saving your precious time on your efforts to put emphasis on work for phone or tablet.

Here are some of the best websites that allow you to install apps available up to your Android device.

Google Play Store

Explanation of Installing an App from Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is obvious the service comes into anyone’s mind as initial thought: Prime focus of Google is to provide free download and the latest version updated regularly in all categories.

Whether it’s Action Arcade or Puzzle including racing or any strategy games. There are also plenty of options available to download the free application of Photography, Unlimited Storage, Business Music, and entertainment as well as movies that can be rented and purchased as well.

If you are a developer and also would like to upload your app you can do that by subscribing to an unlimited validity plan with minimal fees a few bucks of Dollars.

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The Google Play Store has no limitation of application to upload. But first of all, you have to get through there policy for publishers. It may take from a few hours to a couple of days to review your application on various aspects.

This option is interesting if you’re a subscriber perhaps, but it does great to stand in the Google platform. It does, however, offer an unlimited number of GBs of storage for free too.

There are also various options available to see where your storage space is being used within the Android Developer’s settings menu.

Apple iTunes

Apple App Store History and Explained Everything

iTunes offers a fabulous amount of value and a simple way to manage your storage space. The Prime feature is only available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad & iWatch. If your a fan of iDevices means Apple products you have only one source perhaps the only oneway root from where you can install apps.

But it does little to stand out from its main competitor which is Google’s Android iOS. It does, however, offer 5 GB of iCloud storage for free too. Which can be used to backup all the storage of photos, videos or any app’s data. There’s an easy method where you can see states of your storage in the settings.

There are certain restrictions for publishing an app on iTunes. You have to take a one-year membership in developers for hundred bucks. Which offers Unlimited publishing of application. It’s secure, supports many features, and is available on all iOS devices.

The only real disappointment is that smartphones and other devices can’t transfer apps with each other. But one feature that is awesome is that they can share photos and videos with each other without any application.

This one probably the important thing about is as Apple has been working hard to make sure apps are closely integrated under the policies and many of its policies are changed over the last couple of years.

Windows App Store

Some useful apps to use on Windows

Windows is a no-brainer choice for anyone that uses Microsoft’s smartphone devices. However, Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint comes with preinstalled.

It has also been integrated with third-party and Microsoft apps for more comfortable access. Though Microsoft has it’s own development environment for apk & games it’s still using Google’s Android as an operating system.

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But in fact, It’s free for installing apps use, but you’ll need to pay for some premium apk some money with a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

Microsoft app center may not have offered the way App Store or Google applies. Some app has been a strong pick to download for most of the users now, despite its somewhat limitation on development issues.

Amazon Apps & Games

Login into Amazon Appstore

Amazon offers some handy apps & games to download on plans and free also features. The Android app store of amazon offers many free download latest version of Android Application.

In the Amazon app store, you need to make an account for privacy purposes. In short, what that means is that all your files are encrypted and decrypted which offers security on your device as one has to download from Amazon’s servers, keeping your secret information hidden. It has developed an advanced level with the added complexity to secure its networks.


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